Ed Flanigan

Owner/Founding Principal

Ed Flanigan has more than 30 years of experience as a leader in the real estate and homebuilding industry and founded The Flanigan Group in 1987. As a Broker and a Builder Developer, like his father before him, Ed is dedicated to setting the standard to help clients accomplish their goals in real estate.

For 30 years, Ed has provided builder services, land acquisition for national and local development companies and real estate assistance for home buyers and sellers. Since 1987, The Flanigan Group has sold more than 1,600 units, with over 200 units developed by Flanigan Group Development.

Ed has close partnerships with more than 30 of the Seattle-area’s top builders and regularly works with high-profile clients and government agencies. He also provides international real estate services for those that would like to invest in property in the United States and those that would like to purchase properties in international countries including Vietnam, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

Ed and The Flanigan Group is currently the No. 2 team in the Northwest Region of the United States by Keller Williams.